Week Four “TBL” Results

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I just got back from work, am REALLY tired, and have to get to bed soon, but wanted to update on the weight loss saga.

The results…

Kaye: Down 1.7 pounds (total = 13.6!!!!)

Kimm: Down 3.4 (!!!!WOW!!!) pounds (total = 9.6!!!!)

I have to say Kimm was MUCH happier with her results this week. We didn’t go to the gym very often this week because Kimm had a sore toe (don’t even ask!) and my knee and ankle were bothering me. But we still did pretty good.

I have finally decided on a reward for myself when I hit the 25 pound mark–I’m going to buy an iphone! I am SOOOO excited. I was first introduced to the wonderfulness of the iphone when I visited my friend Frank in July. Such a cool phone. But I held back because of the price. But my contract with Verizon has expired and I rethought my doubts and now I realize, I deserve this phone. I work hard and I should be able to have an extremely cool phone. But I want to earn it. Thus waiting until I lose 25 pounds. I’ll fill you in on my 50 pound goal reward at a future date…

We are halfway through with TBL challenge at work. Wow. It has gone slow and fast all together. I do have to say though I’m looking forward to having some pizza and ice cream when this is all over. Kimm and I have decided to have a weekend of eating more freely when this is over…4 more weeks can’t come fast enough!

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