MY Car

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yes, that is right, MY car.  Since I just sent a bill for my last car payment, the car I have been driving for five years, the car that I bought new because I didn’t want a car that had anyone else’s problems, the car that has not had one problem (besides regular oil changes and changing the battery which lasted for 4 1/2 years), yes, this car, my black, 4 door, drives-like-a-dream car, is now REALLY MY car (barring any payoff amount I’m not aware of, which I’m trying not to think of).  I should be receiving my car title in the mail and when I do a CELEBRATION is in order.  This will be the first time since I have been driving that I will not have a car payment each month.  Now I can take that approximately $275 and put it towards my credit cards that I am STILL working on paying off.  But again…MY car…oh the wonderfulness of it!!

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