Week One “TBL” Results

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Well, I (and Kimm) made it through week one of The Biggest Loser (TBL). And when all is said and done, the hunger pains (literally!), the counting calories, and the feeling somewhat deprived of our twice weekly ice cream snacks was worth it.

Drum roll please………….

Kaye Week One–Down 5 (!!!!) pounds

Kimm Week One–Down 3.4 (!!!!) pounds

Yeah for us!!!!

We just went grocery shopping yesterday and got a whole lot of healthy stuff to eat–lots of fruit (apples, peaches, kiwi, cherries, grapes, pears, bananas, melon) and some good snacks (low fat popcorn, pretzels, sherbet, Skinny Cow ice cream treats, cottage cheese, fruit bars). Variety is always good when you are wondering what to have that will fit in your calorie range for the day.

I do have to say that after one week I feel better. It’s interesting tracking calories along with carbs, fat, protein, sodium, etc. I feel I know more about what I am eating and that’s a good thing. I’m simply more aware instead of just eating something because I think it’s healthy. Food has always been what I turn to when I’m stressed. So just by being more AWARE of what I am eating is helping tremendously. Learning to find solace for feelings in activities other than eating is going to take time, but I am learning.

Wish us luck on week two. This is the week that we plan to add exercise into the mix–so I’ll probably be a lot more sore when I post next week! Seriously though, I’m actually excited when I think about going to the gym again. I remember I always did feel really strong and invincible when I was lifting weights. There’s something about working muscles you didn’t know existed that gives you a feeling that you can do anything.

I’ll be posting some of our new meals soon for those who are interested in what we are eating to lose the weight. Sending positive vibes to anyone else who is on the path to healthier living!

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