California–Day 6 (Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wednesday was the second to last day of our being in California 😦 Why did the time go by so fast? On this day we relaxed in the morning…coffee and breakfast in the backyard, while being amused by Oliver in his Johnny Jumper–boy does he love this thing! He would jump and laugh and jump and laugh…rest…and repeat…it was so cute.

Here he is in a moment of rest…I can’t say it enough…WHAT a cutie!

During the afternoon, me, Kimm, and Frank’s mom went to the beach. And in getting to the beach, we had another unique Los Angeles experience–we took the bus! It took about an hour (although to me it didn’t actually FEEL like an hour since I was so busy people watching). The only thing we knew about when to get off the bus was that once the bus got to the beach, it would turn to the right and turn around and head back the way that we had come. Well, I think we were all kind of spaced out because all of a sudden the bus turned the corner and I said, “Umm, the bus just turned the corner, I think we should pull the bell and get off.” It was funny, but maybe you had to be there. We had to walk a little bit to get to the beach, and where we were let off was at the beginning of the Venice Beach Boardwalk. At first it was fun, looking at the shops and stopping to eat some pizza, and walking in the water along the shoreline. But then we wondered if we would ever get to the Santa Monica Pier. Well, we eventually did, after a LOT of WALKING. And of course, this would be the day that we forgot to put sunscreen on. Let’s just say that by the time Frank picked us up, Kimm’s neck was as red as a lobster and she had a very unusual “tan” line on her arms.

The boardwalk…lots of shopping and good food…

I still can’t get over all the palm trees…

The ocean…ABSOLUTELY beautiful!

View from the beach…

Kimm and I (this may be the ONLY picture of the two of us on the whole trip!)…and NO, that is not a purse Kimm is holding, it is a bag of souvenirs:)

Far off view of the Santa Monica Pier (when we still had quite a while to walk!)

Shaved cherry ice on the pier…refreshing!

There were two sad things that happened after we finally got to the boardwalk. One, as soon as I took this picture, my camera broke! Yup! Completely stopped working. And it had to stop working when the lens was still extended out. It would not turn on or off. I was SOOOO mad. Two, we were just about to explore the pier after walking and walking, when Frank called, said the traffic was horrendous and he would have to pick us up in 40 minutes. Sad face. It would take us about 10 minutes to walk to where he was going to pick us up, so we only had about a half an hour on the pier. We did have a California sweet treat though…we all got a churro–a fried-dough pastry that was YUMMY! (they were all over the boardwalk).

After we were picked up, we could really feel our sunburns. And we were tired! Good thing we relaxed that night. Frank made another great dessert that night–homemade peach and blueberry cobbler….mmmmm…it was so tasty. But only one more day, and then back to reality…

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