One Year Anniversary

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One year ago from today, I was full of nerves, knowing that I was starting my first nursing job the very next day.  I had only graduated in May, hadn’t even passed my boards yet, and wasn’t even completely sure that I liked nursing based on just my clinical experience.  I wasn’t sure I would ever really feel comfortable being a nurse.  I was anxious about meeting my work colleagues, and insecure about learning new policies and procedures.  I had worked at my last job for almost 10 years!  And now I had to learn all over again…

But now, here it is, one year later, and time seems, as usual, to have flown by.  I don’t feel so nervous every day when I go into work because I have a year of experience under my belt and I know that no matter what the situation at work, there is ALWAYS someone else that I can ask for advice.  I work with WONDERFUL colleagues (in fact, if not for them, the job wouldn’t be that great).  I love the feeling of really being able to help patients in their time of need, but often I still feel frustrated by lack of time and feeling rushed all the time.  I’m not sure if I would have chosen this career if I knew everything that it involved, yet I think that’s how most people feel about their work.

We’ll see how this next year goes.  I’m starting school this fall, so I’ll have one more thing on my plate.  Hopefully it will help me to become a better nurse as I’m learning about being a nurse practitioner.  If anything, I will always still have the perspective of the floor nurse, which I think is essential NOT to lose sight of.

I’ll be interested to know what I think of nursing one year from now.  Let the next year commence!

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  1. Happy Anniversary Sweetie!

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