Charlie’s Home!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Okay, well, he’s been home for a few days.  I just never got around to blog about it until now.  I’ll backtrack and fill you in…

So Charlie went into the vet hospital on Thursday.  They inserted a catheter to drain his urine and started him on IV fluids to hydrate him and flush his bladder.  The hospital called on Friday morning and said Charlie was doing fine–his blood work came back negative, he was tolerating the catheter well, and he was receiving antibiotics and a medication to prevent spasms in the bladder.  I worked Friday night.  Saturday morning they called again and let us know that Charlie had pulled out his catheter during the night (do you blame him?!) and they would be watching to be sure that he was urinating on his own and if so he would be ready to be picked up that afternoon.  I, of course, was sleeping, as I had to go in that night as well for work, but when I woke up Kimm and I went to pick up Charlie.  His little paw was shaved because of where they inserted the needle for his IV fluids–it looked so skinny compared to the rest of his paw.  It was so good to see him again!  Another good piece of news–we got about $300 back on the original bill (since the original bill was an estimate).

There was more drama after we brought Charlie home.  Turns out Madeline kind of forgot about Charlie or felt he was some kind of threat–she was growling and hissing at him like crazy.  So we had to separate them during the day and at night.  Charlie was in the spare bedroom with his own litter box, water, and food.  Madeline had her run of the rest of the apartment.  Unfortunately, Kimm had to deal with this since I was at work.  Same thing happened on Sunday.  Let’s just say she was getting a little bit frustrated with not being able to have the cats in the same area of the house.

So when I came home on Monday morning, I let both cats out and observed.  Madeline was still hissing, but Charlie was basically ignoring her.  I tried to get each cat more used to the other by petting one, and then letting the other cat smell my hands.  That seemed to work fairly well.  Everything seemed to be going okay until later in the day, when we decided to cut the cats’ nails since they were very long (it sounded like Charlie was wearing high heels whenever he walked on the wood floors!).  So we started to with Charlie.  All was going well, until Madeline saw Charlie in Kimm’s arms.  All of a sudden it was mayhem.  She started growling, Charlie got scared and tried to climb out of Kimm’s arms, Kimm held on to him because she didn’t want him to get hurt, Madeline started howling and hissing, Charlie was climbing onto Kimm’s head, and I was saying, “Let him down, let him down” but she wasn’t and all of a sudden I see blood coming down Kimm’s head.  That freaked ME out!  So we got Charlie into the spare bedroom, and Madeline into our bedroom, and I looked at Kimm’s head (only a small scratch, but lots of blood).  So, basically we were back to the beginning again.

The cats spent the night separate again.  I tried again the next day to have them out.  Pretty much the same story.  Today is Wednesday, four days after Charlie came home and Madeline is STILL hissing and growling, although much less.  In fact, she is becoming so used to Charlie’s smell that often she won’t know that Charlie is in the same room as her unless she sees him.  Tonight we are going to let them both in the apartment together.  We can’t stand Madeline in the apartment by herself at night.  She wakes us up about 5 times during the night–we are getting VERY sleepy and VERY annoyed!

The good news is that Charlie seems to be better.  He’s been using the litter box faithfully and he’s putting out a good amount.  He’s on his new food, and seems to like it, although it’s kind of a pain since Madeline is still on the other food and so we have to make sure that if she doesn’t finish her food we put it up so Charlie can’t get it.  But I have my little guy back–he cuddled up next to me this morning as I read and had my coffee and it was just like old times 🙂

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