BAD kitty!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First of all, we won’t even MENTION that it is the last day of the month.  I say it constantly, but where does the time go??

Anyways, background for this post…

A while back, Kimm and I decided, in one of our HGTV crazes, that we needed to freshen up the living room.  It was boring, it was ho hum, it needed more life!  Yet, we are not wallowing in money, so whatever we did had to be relatively cheap.  All of this added up to a trip to Pier One where we purchased candles, bowls, coasters, and a BEAUTIFUL red vase (along with some fake lilies??).  This may not sound like much to the average person, but to us it transformed our living room.  We laid down a bamboo place mat on our glass coffee table, arranged the candles, a cool orange bowl with multi-colored stones in it, and a sprig of the lily on it, with the coasters (two different sets–one brown and teal, kind of glazed looking, the other brown and maroon, like pottery) on each side.  Much nicer than what we originally had–plastic coasters, a pile of books, and all of our TV/VCR/DVD remotes.  Then the vase, with another sprig of lily in it, was placed on top of our DVD holder which is next to our large entertainment center.  It added just THAT touch that transformed our living room from “everything from Salvation Army” to “these girls have some interior design sense.”

So, back to the title of this blog…Madeline, one of our cats, REALLY liked the new vase and lily–oh she liked it so much that she would often try to jump up on the DVD case and try to eat the fake lily.  We tried to stop this behavior immediately by using the dreaded water bottle (which she hates, but seems to forget about the minute that she is done being doused!)  It worked for awhile and the vase was safe and she seemed to forget about its existence.  That is, UNTIL last night.

So what happened last night you ask?  Well, I couldn’t sleep.  Now this is EXTREMELY unlike me.  Normally I am able to fall asleep at the drop of a hat.  However, lately, usually the night before I have to go in to work I will have difficulty falling asleep.  I want to sleep, but I can’t.  I start thinking about work, and how I won’t do anything but work and sleep for three days and then I CAN’T stop thinking about it.  Thus I don’t sleep.  Now last night I did not have to go into work the next day.  I was tired.  I read for about half an hour like I usually do before sleeping.  But the moment I put the book down and tried to sleep, I COULDN’T!   Very frustrating.  I must have laid (proper grammar?) there for a good hour trying to get to sleep, but nothing.  Eventually I got up and turned on the TV–I was able to watch the last episode of Top Chef that I had missed.  During the entire program, my eyelids are closing, I’m exhausted.  I turn off the TV after it’s done, go back into the bedroom, AND… I STILL CAN’T SLEEP!  I am getting mad, this is so insanely frustrating.  So back to the couch I head, hoping to fall asleep to the TV.  I turn it on, very softly this time, and I DO fall asleep.  Happiness!  Bliss!

But then, you guessed it, BAD KITTY, aka Madeline wakes me up–I wake up to the sound of a crash.  Yep, it’s the BEAUTIFUL red vase, in pieces.  I can only assume that she was upset because I was taking her sleeping spot during the night, or that she was hungry and that by FINALLY falling asleep I missed her cues.  All I know is that the vase is broken into pieces that cannot be glued together and I am angry and that I am again AWAKE!!  I talk out loud to the cat, saying something incomprehensible, like, “I can’t believe you broke that vase!”   (I don’t use many expletives!)  I pick up the vase, feed the cats (yes, she was rewarded for her BAD behavior), and head into the bedroom, hoping to fall back to sleep quickly, in an area where if anymore damage occurs due to BAD kitty, I am not in hearing distance!

Broken vase

Staged broken vase shot



Of course, the next morning, Kimm sees the broken vase and she also is not happy.  In fact, she tells me that the cat is on her “shit list.”

Yet, I can’t stay mad at Madeline…even though that cat does not like me (oh yeah, that’s another story…).  Mostly I feel bad for her because over the last few months, her right front tooth has been going rotten and is slowly falling out.  I was looking at it yesterday and it’s very loose.  Every day now we check her mouth.  Pretty soon I won’t be able to call her “Snaggletooth” anymore 🙂


She doesn’t look too happy, does she?

So all day I had to look at the spot where our vase used to be and think how lonely that spot looks, how empty.  That vase was PERFECT for that spot.  I guess that means another shopping expedition to Pier One will take place in the near future!

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