Out with the Old, In with the New

April 4, 2008

With washing machines that is! Yes, the washing machine that came with this apartment (almost six years ago) has finally left the premises, to join other old washing machines in the place beyond the wild blue yonder. Yep, even though it was a dependable Maytag, it finally bit the dust.
OLD washing machine

                                 OLD washing machine

The machine had been leaking small amounts of water after each load for about a month or so. Then one day, it leaked more than a little. We had to start surrounding the machine with beach towels to mop up the water. Eventually we decided, maybe the machine has had it. I did call a repair person for some information and based on what I told him, he thought it might be either the tub seal (estimated cost to repair $250), the water valve (estimated cost to repair $150), or the water pump (estimated cost to repair $150). After hearing those numbers, we made the decision to go new. Of course, that couldn’t be easy. We find out that the pantry area that houses the washer has a door that is 25 1/2 inches wide and most new models of washing machines are 27 inches! Even I know that you can’t shove a 27 inch washer into a space that is less than 27 inches wide. So I end up searching the Internet and finally find a machine that is 24 inches wide. And of course something smaller would cost more than something larger, right? Right. But we suck it up and order a new Whirlpool Extra Large Capacity Top Loader Washer, costing us $428 (which in washing machine world is really $593. 37 after adding in tax, delivery fee, fee to carry to the 4th floor, and 4 year warranty). Thankfully we’ll be able to get $59 back on rebate for “free” delivery (but not on the $20 to carry it up to the 4th floor). And to add to it all, we had to wait two weeks for it to come in since they don’t carry that model in the store.

So we wait. And continue to do loads sparingly so as to avoid the post washing clean-up (empty the machine, sop up the water on the floor, hang out the towels to dry). And yesterday, the machine arrived!

NEW washing machine

                                  NEW washing machine

Talk about two happy people 🙂 Our delivery window was from 9am to 1pm. So that meant setting the alarm to get up at 8:30 (not fun) and waiting. We were lucky–they came at 9:45 am. It took the two men only 20 minutes to get the new one up the stairs, the old one down the stairs, and the new one connected. And you can bet that the first thing we did was a load of laundry! And then another.

NO LEAKING! It was great! “K” got up early this morning and she was so excited, she did two more loads of laundry. So all is well in our household now. Love new appliances!

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  1. Excited about laundry?! 😉 I’m afraid I know that feeling as I felt the same way when we got our new set.

    The excitement has since worn off…

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