The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

March 29, 2008

Today started out to be very good. I slept in (always nice!) until about 9 am and then was able to just relax for a bit with a few cups of good coffee (Dunkin’ Donuts Cinnamon Spice with Nescafe French Vanilla creamer), some good yummy breakfast treats (powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar donut holes), and a good book (I recently discovered this author and this is her latest bestseller).

Coffee and donut holes


A good read

                                         Happy reading…

Sitting on the couch in my jammies, with my good boy cat by my side, curled in a ball, the sun shining outside…a very, very GOOD morning.

“K” and I decided to go out for a bit in the early afternoon–we had to run to the library to pick up some books that had come in and also stop at the store to stock up for the next week. This is when things started to go bad. Well, it wasn’t so bad at first. We left the apartment about 1:45 and when we hit the main street that we turn down to jump on the highway, we saw a “whole lot” of runners (there were a whole lot!–at least 300!). Why were there a whole lot of runners you might ask? Well, tomorrow is the Holyoke Saint Patrick’s Day Parade–it is the second largest Saint Patrick’s Day parade in the country (and no I don’t know where the largest one is held…this is just a fact that I have heard repeated over and over ever since I moved to Holyoke about six years ago). Anyways, the day before the parade there is some sort of race. I’m sure once I read the Sunday paper tomorrow morning I will know more about this race and can comment more. But it was so cool seeing all these people running. Everyone looked so happy–not one person looked winded or like they were thinking, “When the hell is this race over?” I’m just thinking of how I would look if I was running (or jogging, maybe even walking this race). Yet, even knowing all this I said to my sweetie, “Maybe I’ll run in that race next year.” And her reaction, “Yeah, sure…I know how much you love running.” (Imagine that being said in a sarcastic tone and it will be like you were there!) We go to the library and pick up our books (have I mentioned that I love to read?) and head home.

                A cool statue outside of the Agawam Library

I get off on the exit we normally use when going to the store on the way home. There is a lot of traffic. So what normally might take us five minutes to drive takes about 15 minutes. This is bad because we are hungry. Our plan is to go shopping (very quickly I might add), and then run to Subway to pick up some sandwiches for dinner. So the traffic delay is putting us behind schedule. But, we deal.

The grocery shopping goes well, since we pretty much have it honed to a science (like in the produce department, “K” knows to go get the salad, the tomatoes, the garlic, the onion, etc. while I stop at the deli counter to get our American cheese–this way we end at the same time and can advance to the next aisle in sync). We finish in record time–we shop, check out, bag, and pack the car up in only 1/2 hour. It is now 3:15 and we figure we are in the home stretch. We consult with each other regarding the best way to get to Subway/home (same direction) considering the traffic we ran into on the way to the store. Us, being the smart people that we are, decide that it would be much faster to jump on the highway rather than drive through town.

This is where it gets UGLY. We are not on the highway more than five minutes when we run into traffic. And this traffic is way worse than the traffic we ran into in town. I mean, we are moving less than five miles an hour with a stop of at least (AT LEAST) one minute between moving. I’m slightly annoyed, but hey, I can deal with this. I say, “This won’t last long, I’m a patient person.” Fast forward 30 minutes. Yep, we are still stuck in traffic and we’ve moved about 1/2 mile. I’m not so calm anymore. I’ve taken to playing games like, “Pass the Red Minivan Who is Ahead of Me in the Next Lane” and “How Long Will It Take To Make To The Next Green Highway Sign.” Real fun games (insert sarcasm). Not to mention, “K” is not the most patient person. I’m probably 10 times more patient than she is. So every time I look over at her she is either sighing heavily (at best), or swearing at the cars who are driving down the breakdown lane (at worst). I tell “K,” call your mom, maybe she can find out what’s going on. She does and we find out that a semi had rolled over and blocked all lanes of traffic up past exit 17B (we are inching, literally, our way to exit 16). So we decide to try to exit on 16 and go the rest of the way through town. But of course I have to move over two lanes of traffic to do this–not easy to do when people are driving bumper to bumper. But I manage to do so, without making too many people upset. We FINALLY get off the exit and of course there is traffic through town as well because police have been diverting traffic through town. Okay, to make a long story short, we get to Subway, get our sandwiches and arrive home–TWO HOURS LATER!!

We carry everything upstairs, put away the groceries and collapse on the couch with sighs of relief. We eat our sandwiches and oh my god, they taste sooooo good. I guess everything tastes better when you are famished.

So in conclusion, we have decided to be homebodies for at least a week!

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  1. Cry me a river. That’s a normal day in LA!

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