A Tale of Two Batteries

March 26, 2008 

When I call my sweetie on Sunday night from work to see how she is enjoying her time visiting her family on Easter I find out that she is still at home. Turns out that when she went to start her car, it wouldn’t. Since I was at work, she was stuck at home. The next day I get up fairly early, around 1:30 pm, and we go outside to jump start her car with my car (of course I have to double check how to jump start a car online, just to make sure I know how to do it!). I turn my car around facing hers and we connect everything up and…NOTHING! So I check the connections again and decide that maybe the final connecting piece that should be on “K’s” engine is not on the engine. I readjust and…the engine grinds. So I say, “try again,” and…it starts! Yeah! I park my car so it’s facing the correct way and we hop into “K’s” car and go for a ride to charge up the battery. We arrive home a half hour later and I think, end of story (wrongly, of course!)

Next day, “K” has a dentist appointment to get some cavities filled. I convince her to use my car because I don’t want her getting to the dentists, coming out when she’s done, trying to start her car and having it stall again. She says, “Are you sure?” and I say, “Yes, I really would feel better about it.” So she leaves to go and not one minute later the phone rings. I see on caller ID that it is her calling. Strange, I think. So I pick up and she proceeds to inform me that my car is now stalled! She does also say that her car is working. She goes to her appointment and arrives home. She then uses her Triple A card to call and have someone come out and jump start my car (we decided not to try to jump my car with her car, thinking that this could go on forever with the alternate cars not working). The guy comes to our apartment (in a very timely manner I might add). He jumps my car and then says, “I can check your battery for you to see how much life is in it.” He does, and tells me that it’s not doing so well (it’s a 500 battery and the “juice” left is below the halfway mark, meaning it could go at any time). Thus, instead of going for another half hour drive like we were planning on doing, I decide to go to the Meineke up the street to see if they sell and install batteries.

I speak to Dave, wonderfully nice mechanic, and he says, “yes” to the selling and installing of batteries. However, the battery for my car, a 2003 Hyundai Elantra is something he would have to order. He says he could have it in and installed by the following day. Instead of driving my car home, we decide to leave it there overnight thus bypassing the possibility of it not starting again the following day and needing to call and get it jumped again. So “K” and I have a very pleasant (and windy!) walk home from Meineke’s (thankfully it’s only about half a mile).

Fast forward to today. Meineke’s calls to tell me my battery is installed and the car is ready to be picked up. We take “K’s” car to pick up my car and while we are there, have her battery tested. Turns out her battery is fine! It probably stalled because she hasn’t been driving it much! I tell her it must be fate–that her battery temporarily died so that I could find out that my battery was DEAD. So I paid my $110 for my new 75 month battery and feel much more secure. And also happy in the knowledge that this is the FIRST thing that I have had to pay for my new car besides oil changes. So all is well that ends well 🙂

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